How Cool Would It Be If All Your Marketing Problems

Just Stopped?....

Hi, Joey here, and I can hear what you must be saying to yourself right about now...

Okay, Sure, I watched your video, and that sounds a lot like what I’ve been looking for…

✔ 1-on-1 strategy calls.

✔ Accountability.

✔ Pre-made high converting sales funnels and CRM.

✔ Unlimited Creative Services!

✔ Funnel Software.

✔ Website Builder and Hosting.

✔ Text Message Software.

✔ Calendar Scheduling Software.

✔ All in ONE place.

And I have...

✔ A High Ticket Offer that's already getting RESULTS.

✔ I have a good size list of customers who know, like & trust me.

✔ I am 100% willing to invest in an advertising budget to grow my business.


But, at the end of the day, there's just something missing, and it’s not doing the numbers that I think it’s capable of...

And I'm TIRED of all the half-baked courses, ‘fake’ gurus, and copycat books that don't get me anywhere.

I Wanna Be A GRIT MKTR. Someone who has the GRIT (strength, courage, and resolve) to grow my business and expand my life.

OK, if this is you, I hear you loud and clear my friend! I’ve been where you’ve been and felt what you’ve felt. Strap In because this is going to be ONE HELL of a ride!

I'm Ready,

"I searched for a decade to find a competent, brilliant, hard-working, and creative digital marketer..."

Amanda Holmes

CEO of Chet Holmes International

"It just made sense"

Peter Rollins - Pyrotheology


Ok, let’s get back to YOU and YOUR goals..

See, I’ve been a marketing consultant for 11 years now, helping 70+ entrepreneurs to simplify their marketing.

But it wasn’t always that way...

In 2012 I was thrown out of the company that I helped grow. Sure I was screwed, and it sucked…

I remember it like it was yesterday…

I was standing in my living room on a hot summer day.

My mentor and business partner on the phone gave me the bad news.

“You’re out," he said, "and don’t even bother contacting anyone here. I already told them you’re gone."

Just like that...

It was over.

I hung up and my stomach dropped.

That was my mentor…

Those were my friends…

My eyes were starting to tear up knowing my life was never going to be the same.

But then…

In a matter of a few seconds, I snapped out of it.

I could see that it all meant just one thing.

I had 2 options.

Go out and find another job, or start my own business and never put my life and future in someone else's hands EVER again.

I made my decision and that SAME day launched a website, logo, EIN, and advertising on Facebook and Google.

Like I said before, the first problem we ALL face, was there were so many damn gurus, thought leaders, courses, books, and seminars, it damn near made my head spin!

Altogether, I spent over $110,400 just on marketing and business education…

$10,000 events and masterminds…

TOP coaches… (some costing $2,500/hr)

Reading just about every book I could get my hands on…

Yep, I got my B.S. in Business and Entrepreneurship… (And the BS stands for EXACTLY what you think it stands for)

And still, it all just felt so overwhelming.

Then, the day came for me, just like it did for you today when things started to change...

I kept implementing new things, and I slowly started to figure things out.

In fact, I was able to spot the most common problems that murder so many new, or growing businesses, so I started my marketing agency to help them Get Things Right for themselves.

The game plan I came up with worked like a charm,

landing me big-time clients like Panasonic and Chet Holmes Peter Rollins, Oran Klaff, and Warrior Week.

Now, you may be asking yourself “What do these huge clients and companies have to do with me and my business”?


Look friend, it’s simple. Business is business, big or small.

The big ones, (Outside of a slight few differences, not that many at all) Just do things better than the little guy.

Hey, I run an agency, if I could make it more complicated, I just might… ;-)

There ARE a few things the “big guys” do differently than us though, and I’ve discovered that this is the REAL difference when it comes to running a successful business...

I’ve been able to distill it down to 3 main systems and strategies that proved time and time again to actually WORK.

(You’re gonna want to jot this down)...


The crazy part is… it's SO SIMPLE to implement.

Once I discovered these steps, growing businesses one after another is a piece of cake.

This became the staple service I offered as a consultant for over 3 years to client businesses for $30,000 to $60,000.

Nice work if you can get it, I know…

But I just couldn't shake the thought that I needed to make this accessible to more people, the ones that need it most.

So, If I planned to ever be able to look myself in the mirror, GRIT MKTR just HAD to be built.

I wanted to find a way to help entrepreneurs like you discover, learn, and implement their own simple, and above all, SUCCESSFUL marketing systems.

A 100% “fluff” free zone where marketing is made simple enough pretty much anyone could do it.

Don’t worry either, there will be no motivational rah-rah, or anything like that.

Just simple basic strategies that are so good, you can set your clock by them...

You’ll get peeps to keep you on the right track and keep you accountable.

You’ll have support to go make graphics and designs when you need them.

And get ALL IN ONE SOFTWARE to manage your business all from one place.

Hell, Decide We’re A Fit, and we will even help get you up and running within 24 hours.

Let's jump on a quick call and see if it's the right fit for you.

But before you Say Yes, I need to let you know something fairly important…

I LOVE helping people (Seriously)


I HATE “selling people”

In other words, if we wind up having a nice chat, and you come away with a few helpful tips for getting your life back and making some more money…

I’ll be a happy guy, whether we do business together or now.

Talk soon!


Too Long, Didn't Read Version:

Hell yeah, I'm in.

Simple marketing strategies, coaching, templets, software, training, and creative services?

Please... tell me HOW TO BECOME A GRIT MKTR!

I'm ready to rock.