Okay, Joey…

Watched your video.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for…

✔ 1-on-1 strategy calls.


✔ Pre-made high converting sales funnels and CRM.

✔ Unlimited Creative Services!?!

✔ Funnel Software.

✔ Website Builder and Hosting.

✔ Text Message Software.

✔ Calendar Scheduling Software.

✔ All in ONE place.

I want all that stuff!

And I have...

✔ A High Ticket Offer that gets AMAZING RESULTS.

✔ I have a good size list of customers.

✔ I am 100% willing to invest in an advertising budget to grow my business.


It’s not working when I try it myself...

And I'm TIRED of courses and books that don't get me anywhere.


Someone who has the GRIT (strength, courage, and resolve) to grow my business and expand my life.

I'm Ready,

"I searched for a decade to find a competent, brilliant, hard-working, and creative digital marketer..."

Amanda Holmes

CEO of Chet Holmes International

"It just made sense"

Peter Rollins - Pyrotheology


I have been a marketing consultant for 11 years now, building and coaching 72+ entrepreneurs to simplify their marketing.

In 2012 I was thrown out of the company that I helped grow I had a decision to make.

I remember it like it was yesterday…

I was standing in my living room on a hot summer day.

My mentor on the phone giving me the bad news.

“You’re out," he said, "and don’t even bother contacting anyone here. I already told them you’re gone."

Just like that...

It was over.

I hung up and my stomach dropped.

That was my mentor…

Those were my friends…

My eyes were starting to tear up knowing my life was never going to be the same.

But then…

In a matter of a few seconds, I snapped out of it.

I had 2 options.

1) Go out and find a job, or

2) Start my own business and never put my life and future in someone else's hands again.

I made my decision and that SAME day launched a website, logo, EIN, and advertising on Facebook and Google.

I NEVER looked back.

And my life changed.

The next problem was there were so many damn gurus, thought leaders, courses, books, and seminars that I could not figure out what to do.

I even had to Google, 'How to start a business.'


(And yes, I know B.S. stands for Bull Shit in the education world now...)

I spent over $100,000 in pure marketing and business education…

I got my B.S. in Business and Entrepreneurship…

I went to $10,000 events and masterminds…

Hired the TOP coaches… (some costing $2,500/hr)

Read just about every book I could get my hands on…

And still, it all just felt so overwhelming.

But I learned and implemented new things I slowly started to figure things out.

In fact, I saw this was a problem a lot of business owners were having, so I started a marketing agency to help them "figure it out" too.

I had the privilege to work with mega businesses like Panasonic and Chet Holmes International, and authors and movement makers like Peter Rollins, Oran Klaff, and Warrior Week.

I started to see that there were only a few things all my successful clients were doing.

And I was able to distill it down to 3 main systems and strategies that proved time and time again to actually WORK.


The crazy part is… it's SIMPLE and to implement.

Once I discovered these steps, it was easy to grow businesses one after another.

This became the staple service I offered as a consultant for over 3 years for $30,000 to $60,000.

However, I recently sold the marketing agency to my business partner and left that world.

I wanted to find a way to help entrepreneurs like you discover, learn, and implement their own marketing systems.

So I created GRIT MKTR.

The All-in-one Marketing Excelerator.

That only place where marketing is made simple enough anyone could do it.

(Simple enough my 72-year-old mom can ALMOST do it 😉)

Here's the deal, there's no "fluff" here.

I'm not going to motivate you or tell you to jump up and down.

There's no bullshitting around when it comes to growing your business.

All you need to simple and basic strategies that are tested to work.

Have a place to make sure you're on the right track and keep you accountable.

Have support to make graphics and designs when you need them.

And have software that is all-in-one so you can manage your whole business in one place.

We'll even help get you set up and running within 24 hours.

Let's jump on a quick call and see if it's the right fit for you.

Talk soon.

Love and respect,


Too Long, Didn't Read Version:

Hell yeah, I'm in.

Simple marketing strategies, coaching, templets, software, training, and creative services?

Please... tell me HOW TO BECOME A GRIT MKTR!

I'm ready to rock.